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Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies are a local registered charity open 6 days a week to support the mental health and wellbeing needs of Inverclyde infants, children and teenagers age 0-18yrs and as we do not work only with the child in isolation we also offer intensive support to the parents, carers and referrers who support them. Our staff team are highly qualified, registered and insured mental health professionals and 2 of our full time therapists are BAPT approved clinical Supervisors who oversee clinical work via provision of monthly supervision to our staff.

This is a check and balance for the public that when a child, teenager or parent present with complex issues or psychological difficulty such as trauma, suicidal thoughts or self harming behaviour we are well equipped, experienced and qualified to provide appropriate therapies and in partnership with statutory services where assessed as necessary.

When seeking mental health support always check the level of qualification and experience of the worker involved.

If you are not sure what the qualification is or what it means- ask- or check out the details online with the worker's registration body for clarity. BAPT; PTUK; BACP and COSCA will provide information online to the public

All of our qualified therapists, counsellors and clinical supervisors hold a Degree/ Masters Degree/ Post Graduate professional Diploma and our registration bodies meet the requirement of the Professional Standards Authority.

We provide an initial discussion meeting for all of our referrals which involves a face to face meeting where we welcome questions from parents, referrers, young people and we provide information to ensure that all are satisfied that they are contracting with a safe and reliable service.

For further information or to make a referral call our therapy base at Ladyburn Business Centre on 01475 339019 or e mail:


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