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Trauma is the emotional, psychological and physiological residue left over from heightened stress that accompanies experience of threat, violence and life changing events.   Delivered by clinically trained and qualified trauma therapists this training Targeted at Paraprofessionals working with children and young people and parents and carers. The workshop focuses on the different types of trauma: - Simple trauma Complex trauma Developmental trauma Adverse Childhood Experiences, (ACEs). The effect of trauma and how it can impact on all elements of children’s development; how trauma affects the brain, the body, memory, emotions, relationships, behaviour and learning. We will look at the challenges when working with the child in trauma, the key to well-being, how we work with trauma and how relationships make all the difference. This particular training will focus on the child and/or the adults/professionals/parents/carers/workers involved in the life of the child. To book a place contact Mind Mosaic Child & Family Therapies

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