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Mind Mosaic Child and Family Family Work

Family Work

At Mind Mosaic Child and Family we have specially trained Children and Family Workers who support the Play Therapist to support parents and carers to help identify the issues that are concerning for the child and impacting on their lives.  This helps to educate them them in how best to support their child's emotional wellbeing, and provide strategies and techniques that can be used within the family home.

Additional group work, support and specially targeted individual work are provided in relation to grief, loss, bullying, challenging behaviour, anger management, self-esteem, life transitions and attachment disorder. Structured programmes are tailor-made around the needs of each child and focus on the specific area of difficulty/issue arising. Children and young people receive peer support, and learn new strategies to effect positive change through receiving group work. Carefully structured sessions can help build self-esteem, assist in problem solving and help young people become autonomous.

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