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Little Box of Love at Christmas

Many local families face a difficult Christmas where fuel poverty and relience on foodbanks affect their daily lives. Many do not know how they will make ends meet. Last year thanks to the overwhelming kindness and generosity of donations from you- the Inverclyde public; local businesses and friends from beyond- our team of children's therapists, counsellors, family workers and volunteers were able to provide 145 Inverclyde families with a box of food, toys, store vouchers and Christmas treats that helped to make a huge difference.

This year our appeal is called "A Little Box of Love Christmas Appeal" and we hope to bring a little cheer to others less fortunate than ourselves as we support the children and families who need it most in Inverclyde.

We are asking for donations of sweets, chocolate; small games; toys; crafts; store or food vouchers; warm gloves; hats; scarves; xmas wrapping paper, sellotape, gift bags and boxes- in fact anything that can be made up in a box or gift bag and wrapped with love and sent to children and parents a few days before Christmas.

( Sorry we cannot accept pre-loved gifts and toys due to our covid hygiene policy)

Donations are being received now and up to the 15th Dec at our therapy base-


Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies,

Unit 2,

Ladyburn Business Centre,

20 Pottery Street,




TEL: 01475339019

E mail:

Reg charity no: SC049103

Thank you on behalf of Inverclyde children and families and for any support you can give this Christmas season.


Sandra Boyle

Founding Director

Mind Mosaic

Child and Family Therapies.

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