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A wee post of appreciation to our great staff team at Ladyburn Business Centre who are the most consistent, reliable and loyal group of people Our 2 Admin officers have been with us for 6yrs now- welcoming children, parents, and visitors, and both are well known to our children, families and network colleagues as they ensure the smooth everyday running of the org; our Founding Director has navigated our course and guided us on our journey- a leader since the outset; our Play Therapists Counsellors, Volunteers and Family Workers have consistenty worked through good times and bad with our children and families in therapy and family work providing a safe secure base from which to work from.

Over the years we have grown threefold and our team have walked alongside us- (bringing some new people on board too)- but overall we are happy that very few ever leave us A smashing team and a pleasure to work with!

Hard work and passion be the key

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