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When you have a history of trauma being asked to close your eyes, sit still and meditate can have a negative effect and could even be harmful for some clients. At Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies our Therapists and Young People's Counsellors are qualified mental health professionals highly trained at post graduate level who when they sit in a room with a young person on a one to one or in a group setting can safely and responsibly assess need and correctly identify the appropriate modality required that will best support the young person's mental health, wellbeing and eventual recovery from a psychological or difficult life issue. Our Therapists and Young People's Counsellors receive mandatory clinical supervision of their cases as required by their professional registration bodies and as members of BAPT; PTUK and BACP - meet the high standard of the Professional Standards Authority in the UK. This is a check and balance for the public referrers and stakeholders when making decisions about a referral or contracting with our services that they can be confident that the worker providing therapy or counselling to a child, young person or family is appropriately equipped with a complete understanding of the modality they utilise and to its safety and effect on the mental health of the young client and includes the ability to know if a young client needs to be signposted to other health or social work services where appropriate or if there is a concern.

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