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Mind Mosaic Bonds and Binds
Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies Bonds and Binds

Patchwork Quilting and Knitting Class for all ages to relieve stress and anxiety and to enhance good mental health through social contact

When young and old get together to quilt, the motion of the needle

pushing through fabric and the repetition of the movement in the

quiet space is relaxing - we can take our minds off life's difficulties.

When quilters come together to design their work and convert their

drawings into continuous stitches on a quilt, it feels therapeutic, and can become an effective mental health therapy for all stages of life -

whether its for children with ADHD, someone going through cancer treatment, or people experiencing depression, stress or anxiety.

With knitting, the bi-lateral movement of knitting fires neurons all over the brain. Knitting and crocheting can lower heart rate and

blood pressure, as well as reduce harmful levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The end result of a useful knitted item and the coming together with others in a small group can lower social isolation, and can enhance confidence and self-esteem

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