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As Play Therapists we know that the news highlights many challenging and difficult situations at this time- war, cost of living crisis, the recent earthquake in Turkey to name a few, and often children pick up much more in the background from TV, the car radio, adult conversations, than we might think or are aware. Even very small children in the therapy room show us or tell us that they find some of what they see and hear very scary. Sadly many tell us too that they don't talk to Mum or Dad about it because " well they are always on their phones"

Take time out in your child's day to find a quiet space- no phones-no tablet-no TV- minimise the background noise and really listen to them. Listen to what they say- to their hopes and fears and as they process their thoughts and feelings and as your child is being heard as parents you will help them so much to calm, contain, reduce anxiety and feel safe and secure.

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