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As therapists and counsellors for children and families we are trained to remain open and accepting of what the client brings to the session and we know that when the young person enters the room and opens up the big bag of worries it often looks very different from what the referrer and others in the child's life first thought or were aware of. We have seen and heard many distressing accounts in the therapy rooms throughout the pandemic- but perhaps one of the saddest situations of all is the one that we currently find ourselves experiencing as mental health professionals and that is to hear the despair and worry in the voices of young people and observe anxiety played out in the sand, art and dolls in the play therapy room of children who are worried about food- where it is going to come from- and how their parents are going to manage to pay the rising utility bills. The concern is very real- it is affecting our children now and their wellbeing and mental health are being affected.

As a local children's mental health charity and with a social conscience we are responding by launching a new strand to our current services today-


Via 'Food Love n Weans' we are setting up weekly sessions of support for parents( particularly young parents and those from disadvantaged groups) at our base in Ladyburn Business Centre with our skilled new family support worker who will talk to parents about budgeting and preparing nutritious meals at low cost to the family as well as demonstrations, and parents will take home the food prepared. The group will also be supported by a therapist who will help to identify how food affects mood, and support families and their mental health as they receive practical support as we all navigate our way through difficult times.

We also aim to facilitate a small food bank for children and parents accessing the groups and our services overall as well as practical support to our network partners.

We are very grateful to the Mental Health Foundation for providing a grant that will provide a vital lifeline of support in the setting up and initial running costs of the group to help us move forward with our new idea.

We are also appealing to the public and local businesses to donate items of food or vouchers that will help us to create our small foodbank of support to children and parents in Inverclyde. We are so grateful for even the smallest donation that will go a long way to provide a lifeline to children and parents

To make a referral to FOOD LOVE N WEANS or to make a donation toward our effort please contact us on 01475 339019 Or e mail: Thank you for any support you can offer at this very difficult time for children and families. Please share our post far and wide with all of your networks, colleagues and families- the focus and purpose being for Inverclyde families who are most in need, and together- let's make a difference.

Thank you

Sandra Boyle Founding Director/CEO Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies

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