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The final bags of gifts for our Little Box of Love at Christmas campaign 2023 were distributed today. Big thanks to Kendal who worked flat out in addition to her main work to list and organise the many kind late donations coming through our doors yesterday and today in preparation for uplift by our colleagues and network partners across the Inverclyde Social Work teams; Homestart Inverclyde; Community Link Workers; Inverclyde Women's Aid; Health Visitors; and local schools.

We are happy to report that just over 200 gift bags went out via these teams to just over 100 children and families including a selection of toys, sweets, chocolate, toiletries, warm winter clothing, store vouchers, games and foods

Thank you to all who have supported our campaign- we are working through a list of kind donors and will get thank you letters out to all of you as soon as we can

Finally a huge thanks to all of our staff team who helped in any way they could- above and beyond the work of their every day caseloads to give time and support to this worthwhile cause this week to help the children and parents of our community of Inverclyde

At the end of this 4th year of the Little Box of Love at Christmas campaign and thanks to the generous Inverclyde public we have provided hundreds of Christmas gifts for just under 1000 children and parents over the 4yrs.

We hope in some small way we have made a difference

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