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Mind Mosaic Child & family

Referrals to our service show us that children and parents are facing many more complex issues post-covid than ever before... a higher number relating to family breakdown; suicide; depressed feelings; extreme anxiety; trauma; impact of cost of living; gender identity issues; neurodiversity; domestic violence and coercive abuse; school refusal and feelings of isolation are just a snapshot of a comprehensive and complicated list.

At Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies you will be offered a check in appointment to meet a senior staff member to discuss a potential referral.

At this point we will assess whether the referral is appropriate for our service or if necessary we will liaise, discuss and signpost to one of our professional network partners or statutory agency colleagues.

When we accept a referral to our service the child/ parent/ family will receive the support of a qualified and registered Play Therapist; Child and Family Therapist; Counsellor; and or Intensive Family Worker who are indemnity insured, experienced and clinically supervised and work within an ethical basis and guideline to provide the best response and support.

This means that the public can be assured that the person who sits with a child or parent through the worst difficulty has the appropriate skill, experience and academic qualification to manage or assess the issue presenting.

If you are unsure of what constitutes an appropriate qualification in therapy or counselling in Scotland for children and adults- we will help by explaining this to you in detail.

To be provided with the facts and most up to date information you need prior to making a decision or to ask questions before placing a referral- speak directly to us- all of our interventions are face to face and in perso

Tel: 01475 339019 or email:

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