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Professional Training Opportunity

We are very excited to announce that we are hosting Level 1 Intensive Filial Therapy training delivered by Tracie Faa Thompson here at our therapy base in Greenock for 4 full days- March 18th- 21st(inclusive) from 9am-5.30pm( lunch provided)

Cost: £900

This highly saught after professional training is based on the original Dr Guerney full family therapy model adapted by Professor Rise Van Fleet/ Tracie Faa Thompson and will be limited to 6 participants.

For further info please contact the number below on flyer or e mail

About the trainer:

Tracie Faa Thompson is a specialist social worker in adoption working with traumatised children and their adoptive and foster families.

She is a qualified Play Therapist registered by the British Association of Play Therapists.

Tracie is a practice teacher of Social Work students, a trainer in Life Story Work and Attachment theory and an author of numerous peer reviewed manuals, articles, book chapters and training programmes on attachment, sibling contact in adoption and introduction of adoptive families and children.

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