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Our popular Therapist Counsellor and Family Worker Support Forum meets at our base in Ladyburn Business Centre from 6pm- 7.15pm and is open to all who work with the mental health of others in therapeutic settings.

This group was set up to promote self care and support for each other in our community as we work with difficult and often complex situations day in and day out.

In addition to and separate from the necessary Supervision we receive as qualified professionals- this additional offer of support is informal and enhances the well being of the worker with an aim of avoiding vicarious trauma and burn out.

The group is free-meets on a monthly basis.

 As statutory/ grant funding and donations we receive is prioritised for the benefit of the children and families who access our services - our staff therefore volunteer to facilitate this unfunded group in their own time for the benefit of their colleagues and network partners

For more info- call 01475 339019 or e mail

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