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We welcome Professor Yvonne Kuipers Head of Midwifery Research and Innovation at Edinburgh Napier University and team photographer from the Edinburgh School of Art, to Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies as they continue research with parents who have experienced birth trauma via the Mind the Gap project.

Set in our therapy rooms at Ladyburn Business Centre in Pottery Street, parents are afforded a safe, reliable and confidential space where they will be supported by a qualified clinically trained therapist from our team throughout the session.

As in line with our high standard of service and as we adhere to ethical basis and guidelines- all participants have been provided with full information on the detail and purpose of the research; how their identities will remain confidential and clarity on what happens to their information and how and where it will be shared; as well as informed consent.

This innovative opportunity to take part in vital research was made possible to us by our grant funders Cattanach who support Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies work with infants and children in the early years.

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