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Taking time this weekend to focus our thoughts on some amazing volunteers in our community who have supported us through fundraising, heartfelt donations, or organising fundraising activities past and some coming up in the future ...Tony Phillips; James Crawford; Julie Scott; Stephen Connon; Anne Marie Mitchell; Marie Govan; Lorna Cockburn;  These amazing people are generous of spirit, time and kindness surrounds all that they do. None of them seek accolades or promote themselves and the most touching thing of all is that none of them are paid for what they do- they are truly decent individuals and volunteers

We are thankful also to every individual and businesses who support our fundraising activities including our Christmas campaign for children and families in Inverclyde too-over 3yrs the generosity of our community and beyond has enabled us to provide Christmas gifts and food for nearly 1000 children and parents and this is co-ordinated by our staff team as we organise this above and beyond our daily workload and in our own time as volunteers.

Thank you all of you for all that you give that makes a massive difference to the mental health and wellbeing of children and parents in Inverclyde.

Unsung heroes indeed

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