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As Grantees of the Cattanach fund and in relation to our work with infants and young children in the early years and their parents, we have been provided with an opportunity to take part in a piece of work to raise awareness of traumatic birth experiences through a public engagement project.

Tomorrow we welcome Professor Dr Yvonne Kuipers and colleagues from Edinburgh Napier University who will visit our staff team, parents and babies at our therapy base at Ladyburn Business Centre to discuss the Mind the Gap Project which will explore women's expectations of giving birth compared with the real event of birth and whether expectations match the reality of birth( or not) and why.

Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies have procedures and referral pathways in place to support participants if discussions trigger past trauma. Our staff team include clinically trained and qualified therapists.

For further information call 01475339019 or via e-mail:

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