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We had a wonderful day celebrating the launch of the Small Talk Big Change framework and podcast in Glasgow this week.

For 2 years we have worked with our colleagues at the Mental Health Foundation and with our partners from the RSPCC; Govan Help; Dads Rock; Amma Birth Partners and Smithycroft School Glasgow in the Small Talk Project as we worked together on creating a framework that has been evaluated tested and digitised and has culminated in a set of resources and a global podcast that are available and accessible to others.

Our focus was the post covid response and work with young and lone parents in the peri-natal period and supporting children and parents mental health enabling them to thrive.

It was exciting to be present at the launch in the packed theatre, to hear the trailer for the 8 part Podcast and to see the presentations which were emotional and extremely inspiring from some of our colleagues.

Each episode highlights the amazing work of the Small Talk Project co-ordinated by our lovely colleague Gillian Meens from the Mental Health Foundation.

Episode 1 of 8 has now dropped and is available to hear on Small Talk Big Change and our episode from Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies will drop in week 3 and focuses on co-regulation and where you will hear the voices, thoughts and views of the 8 Inverclyde parents who kindly agreed to contribute to the podcast and research and the wider group who have participated in the Small Talk Project with us over the past 2yrs

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