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Sadly suicide is an extremely complex topic. As mental health professionals we know that trauma is only one factor found to have a direct link to increase suicide risk.

It is crucial to acknowledge the significant impact trauma can have on mental health and wellbeing and understand how it can increase the risk of suicide. Our staff are highly qualified and registered therapists and counsellors- trained to understand trauma and recognise when difficult life experiences reduce a person's ability to cope or are affected by severe psychological effects such as PTSD; depression; substance misuse; emotionally disregulated or anxiety disorders.

A comprehensive approach involving prevention and intervention strategies are key to addressing the impact of traumatic events on suicide risk. Recognising and addressing the signs of trauma are crucial. We do this via play therapy; young people's counselling; and intensive family work in our therapy setting at Ladyburn and in schools where we provide necessary face to face interventions - individual and/ or in groups to help young people and parents cope with their experiences;

build resilience;

raise awareness and reduce stigma.

All of our staff receive clinical supervision by an approved Supervisor of their caseload as a mandatory requirement of their professional registration bodies to ensure care for the client; for the therapist; and as a check and balance/ confidence for the public that the therapist is bound by a robust ethical basis and guideline.

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