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At Mind Mosaic Child and Family Therapies we understand the importance of working with "the village" of attachment figures and significant others involved in the life of the child, therefore we work not only with the child referred for therapy but also with parents, carers, and sometimes teachers and workers from other disciplines who are involved in the child's life.

We therefore welcome the addition of Beverley Allen to our team of Family Workers who work alongside the parents and carers on the themes that emerge for the child in therapy to help support the child at the centre to feel emotionally contained throughout the therapy journey and to increase parents confidence and knowledge base via supportive strategies and techniques to allow families to heal and move forward where there has been previous difficulty.

Beverley joins Stephen Crawford Team Leader and Adelle Hopkins Family Worker in her role as Senior Family Worker.

She is a BAPT registered and qualified Play Therapist and a BAPT approved clinical supervisor with extensive experience of children and parents, and will work with referrals where intensive family input is required. For further information call 01475 339019 or e mail:

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